3rd – 6th class School Tour

“I thought it was enjoyable experience for all four class”

“On the school tour I enjoyed the bird show and going on the buss, but it was a pain climbing¬† Knocknarea”

“Wonderful, absolutely amazing, petting Zoo 5, Knocknarea – difficult, painful, but lovely. Queen Maeve’s grave – magnificent”

“I had great day climbing the mountain and letting a falcon land on my hand”

“Lying in the heather near Queen Maeve’s grave you could feel the world going around”

“The funniest part was when one of us fell three times coming down and the third time nearly slide tackled Mr. Philips and how some of us nearly died climbing up the hill”

“It was very fun and enjoyable, my favorite part was Francis the ferret”

“I liked the petting Zoo, the mice were the best part of the day”

“I really enjoyed this school tour it was one of the best days I’ve had within school”

“Would love to go with my family one day”


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