Enrolment forms are available. If you wish to enrol your child, please phone the school on 094 9362420 to request an enrolment form or to arrange a school visit.


  • To give children and parents as much information about Taugheen NS and the education we provide as possible
  • To make each child’s start a happy and successful one
  • To begin a partnership with parents that will be lasting

Procedures for starting school in infants:

At Taugheen NS, children must have reached a minimum age of four years by the August 31 in their admission year to school. All parents/guardians are required to fill out the School Enrolment Form and to furnish the school with details required.

Application forms are available from the school

Once admissions are confirmed, we welcome each child to visit with their parent/s or guardians. If a child presents with a physical or mental disability, which requires support, we would wish the appropriate agencies to be advised and support services in place prior to the child starting at this school. (Provisions may include wheelchair ramps, toileting requirements, special needs assistants, appropriate furniture, and /or psychological reports). All children are welcome to attend the school subject to the appropriate provisions being in place.

Procedures for student transfer – if moving from another primary school:

Parents are asked to make an appointment to see the Principal in order to discuss their child’s admission to the school, and to look round (with or without their child) prior to the child being admitted. No children are admitted until personal contact has been made.

Parents are provided with a copy of the School Enrolment Form, and are asked to complete a personal information sheet for their child prior to admission.

Once the child has been admitted, parents are asked to keep in close contact with the class teacher to ensure that their child’s transition to a new school is a smooth one.

When a child enrols in this school the school requests records from the previous school. Parents and teachers in the previous school are asked to make all details that may effect the pupil’s education known to us. Details of Learning Support provision, Resource Teaching Hours or Behavioural difficulties should be made known to Taugheen NS. under the terms of this policy.